Arsenal Insider Whatsapp Groups

Now you can join our Whatsapp groups!
Just open the following link from your phone or Whatsapp Web and then choose the option to join the group. that’s all! 😉

Group rules: 

1-Don’t change the group name at all.
2-Don’t change the group picture at all.
3-Don’t send links or any promotions of anything or other Whatsapp groups links.
4-Be respectful to the other members and admins.
5-Football discussions and sharing news are always welcome even about rivals as long as it’s appropriate. Religious, political, nudity, or any other discussions that may cause chaos, are prohibited.
6-If you share the group link with others, you are responsible for letting them know about the group rules.
Any violations of the above rules will remove the member from the group by the admins permanently. Members are asked to help the admins remove the violations by messaging us through a private message,


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