4 Reasons Why Arsenal Should Sell Theo Walcott

Selling Theo Walcott may be the ideal option for both parties. Arsenal’s squad now has a lot of attackers who can replace Walcott. In addition, Joel Campbell just returned to Arsenal.


1-The new formation doesn’t have a place for Walcott


After Wenger switched to 3 defenders in the back, means that only 3 players upfront can player. With Alexis Sanchez,Mesut Ozil, and Alexander Lacazette, Walcott doesn’t have a place in the starting 11. Even when Sanchez is injured, Walcott was just on the bench.


With Campbell and Sanchez back, Walcott still have to compete with Giroud,Iwobi,Welbeck and Chamberlain.


2-Wenger is looking to sell some players


After Arsenal’s loss against Stoke City, Wenger admitted that he will consider making some space for the new signings by selling some players. Walcott may be a name on the departures list.

Knowing that Walcott faced a lot of injuries which makes him unstable in the squad and performance.



3-World Cup 2018

World Cup is coming, if Walcott wants to play, he should be a regular player in his club which isn’t the case right now. Walcott needs to impress England’s manager, Gareth Southgate, to reserve his place in the starting 11 or at least, join the bench during the world cup.


4-The last chance to play in the top gear


Walcott isn’t the young player anymore. He is almost 29, and still can’t play regularly in his current club. If Walcott wants to keep on player in the top gear, he should move right now before he loses his ability to adapt and interest from the big clubs.




What do you think, should Theo Walcott stay or leave? comment bellow

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