5 Tactics Arsenal Should Follow Against Man City Not To Lose

Arsenal will play a decisive match against the best Premeir league team this season, and one of the best teams in Europe these days offensively and defensively as well without losing any match and scoring 49 goals in all competitions.


Arsene Wenger should implement 5 tactics if he wants to go out of Etihad stadium with at least a point, not to be a humiliating loss.


1-Wide up front

Wenger should allow his upfront three men, Sanchez, Ozil, and Lacazette as expected, to be out of position widely to mess up City’s defense, and not just position in the same place. Sanchez is one of the most dangerous players when he is given the freedom to move. The upfront players should defend as well.



2-Man City’s pressing

Arsenal always struggles against the teams that have high pressing such as Liverpool for example. Man City this season is one of the best teams that perform high pressing efficiently. Arsenal should do the same and try the short passes in order to decrease the pressure.


3-Ramsey Role

Aaron Ramsey is one of Arsenal’s key players recently. However, Ramsey should be disiplined defensivley today and help his partner, Xhaka, to protect the defense and be an early defense line against Man CIty’s offensive strength. Ramsey shouldn’t risk going up all the time. Arsenal has to defend well with 11 players.


4-Lacazeete’s tactical duty

Lacazette will be marked well today, and won’t have a lot of touches of the ball due to the lack of possession Arsenal is expected to have. Lacazette should play without the ball today to get the Man City’s defense pressure off, and help building up from the back with the counter attack.


5-How Arsenal can score?

Even with Man City’s attacking strength, their defense is one of the best in the league and Europe as well. Guardiola is playing with three in the back, which ensures defensive and offensive role for all the players, like Chelsea last season where they won the league.

Arsenal will have dificult times to score against a back three defenders team with City’s abilities. Arsenal goals should come from the players who are out of position or from free kicks and corners.

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