6 Reasons Behind Arsenal’s Fall To Stoke City

After today’s shock fall for Arsenal against Stoke City, many questions were coming to the fans’ mind about the reason Arsenal keeps on falling in “easy” games.

Here are 6 reasons why Arsenal has fall today:


1-Danny Welbeck.


The English player ins’t young or amature like the previous seasons to keep on missing chances. In today’s game, Welbeck has missed more than 3 chances which were able to put Arsenal on top of the league with Man United.

Welbeck is a fast and talented player, but since he was in Manchester United, his main problem was missing easy chances. Such as his famous missed chance against Bayern Munich in 2014 in Champions League quarter finals.


2-Three defenders in the back

Managers usually play 3 defenders in the back to have a solid defense and most stability, but in Arsenal’s case, this plan made the defense even weaker. The absences in the back line such as Laurent Koscielny,Paulista, and Holding.

Playing a left back, Monreal, as a central defender is a big question mark. Kolasinac isn’t the player that can be a decent central back. Playing 2 left backs, Monreal and Kolasinac, as central defenders was one of the majors reasons the defense was shaky.

3-Bellerin playing on the left.

Letting Bellerin play on the left was one of the biggest mistakes. Bellerin is a dangerous defender that can help in building and assisting the attack on the right side. But playing on the left? it killed him. Bellerin was so quite this game


4-The strange substitutes

Wenger was praised for his substitutes against Leicester City. But against Stoke City? it was one of the weirdest substitutes ever. Taking out the left back,Kolasinac, and making Bellerin play in his position is not understandable at all. Unless it was due to an injury.


5-Mesut Ozil’s position

Ozil seems lost in this formation. Playing in a 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1 plan makes Ozil plays as a winger which her can’t perform well at. During the match, Ozil had to go back to the midfield and play in a 3-5-2 plan and Welbeck as a striker with Lacazette. Ozil doesn’t seem okay on this formation.


6-Alexis Sanchez was really missed

Arsenal’s attack suffered a lot after Sanchez was out for “Injury”. Sanchez is almost the only player that can be a game changer at any moment by scoring and assisting and open spaces for his teammates. Arsenal really missed this player today and if Sanchez leaves, then Arsenal should be prepared to play another year in Europa league next season…




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