Alexis Sanchez Refuses To Shake Hands With Arsene Wenger During Training

A new video was spread recently of Alexis Sanchez getting on the training ground with his teammates Nacho Monreal and Mesut Ozil, who shake hand with Arsene Wenger, but Sanchez didn’t.


Wenger has a tradition of shaking hands with the players when they arrive to the training ground. However, Sanchez approached Wenger with his head down, and then directly went to the left side in order to avoid contact with him or looking at him.

This may be another proof of the bad relationship between the Frenchman, Arsene Wenger, and the Chilean forward, Alexis Sanchez, who was on the edge of moving to Manchester City in summer, before failing to secure the move hours before the end of the summer transfer windows.


Watch the video here ( at the 0.25 seconds)

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