Alexis Sanchez Rejects A New Offer From Arsenal To Renew His Contract

According to the Daily Star, Alexis Sanchez has rejected an offer from Arsenal alongside with Alex Ox Chamberlain to renew their contracts with Arsenal today.

Arsene Wenger is keen to renew the Chilean’s contract,which expires next summer, but Sanchez has rejected several offers and the last one was this week to renew his contract for a 300,000 GBP, which makes him the highest paid player in the Premier League. Knowing that the current highest paid player in the Premier League is Paul Pogba from Manchester United for 290,000 GBP Per week.


According to the journal, Sanchez is asking for 400,000 GBP per week to renew his contract, which Arsenal isn’t ready to pay. Manchester City is looking closely at Sanchez’s situation in order to try to convince Arsenal to sell him for up to 70M GBP.

Arsenal didn’t qualify for the Champions league this season for the first time since 20 years and far from competing for the league, which justifies Sanchez’s demanded salary in order to force an exist from Arsenal

However, Wenger confirmed many times that the Chilean star will stay at Arsenal this summer. But the main question is,can this happen or it will be another Van Persi?


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