What Alexis Sanchez Shared On Instagram After Burnley’s Win

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal’s forward, has handed Arsenal three valuable points to continue their winning run and Premier League title race.


Arsenal had a very difficult win for the third time within a year where Arsenal won the last two times last season by Laurent Koscielny’s goal during the injury time, and the second time by Alexis Sanchez’s penalty in the injury time as well.

The same scenario happened again today, Arsenal wins in the injury time against the tough side FC Burnley through a penalty during the injury time.

Alexis Sanchez was Arsenal’s hero for tonight, even though he couldn’t score during the match, but scored a penalty that handed Arsenal the victory.

After the match, Alexis Sanchez shared a picture on Instagram and captained with:”Happy for our victory and for our team, next on Wednesday.”

Arsenal fans may love what Alexis Sanchez is doing and saying, amid all the news and rumors of him leaving the Emirates Stadium next January and not showing any loyalty or love to the club and fans, his latest Instagram post proves that he is still a gunner, at least until today…

Here is the picture Alexis Sanchez shared on his personal Instagram account after Burney’s goal and victory.


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