Arsenal Match Report And Players Ratings And Man Of The Match Against Liverpool

Another match and another defeat. 4-0 against Liverpool and losing 3 more points for the second match in a row. Arsenal lost for the second consecutive game away  from home against Liverpool with a big result, 4-0.

Arsene Wenger did the same old mistake as last season in Anfield, keeping the important strikers on the bench to play with “Air balls”. And now keeping the most expensive player in Arsenal’s history, Lacazette, on the bench for Welbeck.

Today Liverpool played against Arsenal, which seemed unfortunately to be, a championship team. No shoot on target during the whole match for the first time since 2014.

We will rate our players after every match, here is Arsenal Insider players ratings:


Petr Cech: Couldn’t do much against the goals. Had some saves like against Salah but can’t do much. Knowing that Liverpool became now Cech’s most club scoring against him with 28 goals,  5/10

Rob Holding: On the 70th minute was almost causing a 4th goal but Bellerin saved it. he was shaky after being dropped against Stoke City and was booked as well. 5/10

Laurent Koscielny: Couldn’t have much to do. 5/10

Nacho Monreal: Like Koscielny, couldn’t have much to do as well. 5/10

Alex Ox Chamberlain: Wasn’t in his form. Maybe because he is playing against his new club? 5/10

Aaron Ramsey: Went missing. 4/10

Granit Xhaka: Was almost causing a goal with a risky clearance. 4/10

Hector Bellerin: He was behind Salah’s goal to a wrong clearance. In addition, playing on the left doesn’t suit him. 4/10

Mesut Ozil: Was he in the starting 11? We didn’t see him again. 3/10

Alexis Sanchez: He tried to change but couldn’t do much. It’s his first match since around two months. 6/10

Danny Welbeck: Why did he even start and you have Lacazette or even Giroud on the bench? missed a clear goal one against one. 3/10


Francis Coquelin: Coquelin didn’t play the whole season why letting him in when you need to attack and get out Ramsey? Coquelin was booked as well. 3/10

Oliver Giroud: N/A

Alexander Lacazette: N/A

Arsene Wenger: 2/10. Disasterous performance, with a weird starting Xl. Keeping Lacazette and Kolasinac on the bench, withdrawing Alexis Sanchez instead of Welbeck,who was really bad, and making the team play without any play maker.

Sanchez with one leg is better than Welbeck. Sanchez had to play until the end of the match, at least to confuse Liverpool’s shaky defense.


Man Of The Match: Non of Arsenal’s players

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