Arsenal Match Vs Nottingham May Be REPEATED

Arsenal has shockingly lost 4-2 against Nottingham Forest in a bad night for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fans for them to get knocked out from the first match of the FA Cup this season for the first time since a long time.

Arsenal fans may still have a slight hope of getting back into the competition if one thing happens. Nottingham Forest has scored two goals from penalties and two goals from open play and fouls. However, the second penalty Nottingham Forest was scored by their player, Kieran Dowell, in a controversial way that even made the referee hesitate before deciding to count it as a goal or repeat it after discussing it with his assistance.

Kieran Dowell has touched the ball twice before scoring the penalty after he slipped to the ground, according to the FA laws, Football Association laws, any team has the right to appeal to repeat a match if there was referees error in the game, such as this mistakes which is a player double kicking the penalty before scoring it.

If Arsenal appeals for this and the FA approves the appeal, Arsenal would be handed a second chance to continue in the FA Cup competition due to repeating the match again, which Arsenal will take advantage of to continue their journey.

However, the coming few days will clear everything whether Arsenal will appeal or not.

Knowing that this type of situation happened with Arsenal before where Arsenal repeated a match with Sheffield United on 13 February 1999 in the FA Cup.

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