Arsenal Vs Burnley Match Report And Players Ratings And Man Of The Match

Another disappointing match for Arsenal, regardless of the late win that came in the injury time for the third consecutive time, and in the same scenario as last two matches. who failed to show a winning mentality or winning run after the win over Tottenham last week. The players were so unorganized and playing random and fast balls from Cech to Lacazette of

Sanchez and Lacazette were well marked by Burnley’s players and Arsenal missed Ozil a playmaker to connect the midfield and attack. Arsenal played air balls which led to losing many balls and unorganized performance from the players, in addition to the poor passing accuracy as well.

The match was full of individual mistakes as well which was going to give Burnley two penalties. Arsenal was so lucky to leave with a clean sheet, thanks to Petr Cech.



We will rate our players after every match, here is Arsenal Insider players ratings:


Petr Cech: On 15th minute he touched the ball and deflected it, and on the 21st minute saved Steven Defour header and 33rd minute saved Arsenal from several chances and 39th as well.  9/10

Laurent Koscielny: Had a dangerous tackle 38th minute which was going to lead to a red card, other than that, a good match. 7/10

Nacho Monreal:  Was lucky to escape booking and giving Burnley a penalty. Has to be more careful in the 18 yards area and some good moments on the offense side and defense as well. 6/10

Shkodran Mustafi: Was helping forward and defending. Good that he is fit to start again with Arsenal. 7/10

Hector Bellerin: We barely saw him playing today or helping in the offense. 5/10

Sead Kolasinac: Was trying in the attack, in addition to his defensive duties. 6/10

Granit Xhaka: Some long not accurate shots. average game. 6/10

Aaron Ramsey:  Missed an empty net chance. He had to kick the ball, not with the tip of his ties. But had a couple of attempts as well. 6/10

Alex Iwobi:  Was good with dribbling, but not so dangerous and failed to fill Ozil’s role as a playmaker and connect the midfield to attack, subbed before 25 minutes. 5/10

Alexis Sanchez: Misplaced passes and sometimes dangerous, and had a handball which was going to give Burnley a penalty as well. Was more dangerous second half, but Burnley players were marking him as well without a playmaker to give him the ball. However, one goal by a last second penalty. 6 /10

Alexander Lacazette: Had a great pass on the 19th minutes to Ramsey, but like Sanchez, he was marked and going to the midfield to get the ball without Ozil playing and delivering balls to Lacazette and Sanchez. 6/10



Jack Wilshere:  He clearly deserves to start, had some dangerous chances and attempts and added some creativity in 25 minutes. 7/10
Danny Welbeck: Came in the last 12 minutes, but we didn’t see anything from him. N/A

Man of the match: Petr Cech saved Arsenal from a humiliating loss today, he was there in every single time and did his job.

Arsene Wenger (manager): Clueless match, why playing air balls when Arsenal is losing every ball in the air? why subbing Welbeck instead of Giroud who may be a super sub, and score by an airball that Arsenal kept on playing? it was such a random match and the players playing with no spirit or organization. 3/10

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