Arsenal’s Executive: WE DON”T CARE If Arsenal Never Wins Matches

Arsena’s executive chief commercial officer, Tom Fox, has said in an interview that nobody  at Arsenal is bothered to care if Arsenal never wins any match, and money is the most important thing for them.

Shaun Custis, a writer in the The Sun Sport, has wrote an article in the English newspapers reporting what Arsenal’s chief commercial officer, Tom Fox, said in an interview.

Tom Fox said:”Nobody at Arsenal is that bothered about the team actually winning games.”. Tom Fox continued:”our brand is defined by more than winning”

This interview launched a huge wave of angry Arsenal fans to criticize him and wonder whether he was “drunk” when he said this, and officially confessed that Arsenal board is handling Arsenal as a business and a brand, rather than a football club that has to win matches and trophies.

Knowing that Kronke became an Arsenal shareholder back in 2007, a year after Arsenal reached the Champions League final and lost to Barcelona after their goalkeeper received a red card and that was the end of the invincible era. In addition, Arsenal didn’t win the league and the strategy changed 180 degree from being one of Europe’s leaders, to a club that qualifies to the top four only and makes extra revenue for the owners.


Here is a picture of the the article in the newspaper


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    Arsenal FC Team needs shareholder that is much more concern about winning mentality and the championship mind.

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