Arsene Wenger Talks For The First Time After Sanchez’s Failed Deal And Explains What Happened

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s manager, has talked for the first time after Alexis Sanchez’s failed deal to Bein Sports in an interview and explained what happened last hours of the transfer day.

Wenger has confirmed that Sanchez will stay and play like usual regardless of what happened with Manchester City.

Wenger said:”You always want your best players to stay and give their 100 per cent during the match, I am sure Sanchez will give 100% like he was always playing”.

Wenger continued:”It’s really hard to talk about what happened. All what I care about is to let Sanchez focus on his career this season and help Arsenal compete.”

Wenger didn’t ignore the 60m GBP offer from Manchester City and that Sanchez was going to leave and said:” When you allow a player at Sanchez’s level to leave the club, you need a replacement. If you let him go without a replacement no one will understand this deal. We can keep him and sacrifice his transfer fee, but we can’t let him go without a replacement at his level.”

This confirms the news that Sanchez was going to leave to Manchester City, but Lemar’s failed deal didn’t make it happen.

Wenger didn’t ignore the fact that Sanchez and Ozil may leave next summer on a free transfer, but he said he will do his best to renew their contracts.


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