BBC: Arsenal New Manager Candidate Revealed, NOT Arteta

Arsenal will be beginning a new era after the resigning of Arsenal’s all-time historical manager, Arsene Wenger, from managing the London club where the club are in the process of searching for a new manager during the summer transfer windows and they will be looking to assign a new manager as soon as possible.

According to several sources and David Ornstein from BBC, Arsenal have a new candidate on their list of managers they are trying to approach this summer where Mikel Arteta isn’t the only candidate that Arsenal are approaching, but there are other candidates.

Mikel Arteta may be the favorite to be in charge of Arsenal next season due to the low salary and demands, but David Ornstein said that a new candidate is competing with him.

Arsenal’s French legend, Patrick Viera, is also on Arsenal’s radar to replace Arsene Wenger where Arsenal are looking for a manager that won’t have a lot of demands in order to continue in the same way Arsenal were doing with Arsene Wenger.

Other candidates on the list to manage Arsenal are the former Barcelona FC and A.S. Roma manager, Luis Enrique who won the Champions League and La Liga with Barcelona, but his high salary demands and transfer demands as well, around 200million GBP, are making Arsenal search for an alternative.

Allegri is another name as well who may consider Arsenal’s job if he quits Juventus FC after failing to win the Champions League after reaching two finals.

Patrick Viera is managing New Yor City, the same owner as Manchester City, where he has a managing experience, unlike Mikel Arteta, and Arsenal may be interested in him as well.


Here is David Ornstein’s tweet

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  1. Not Aritata Sory Naxt year Arsenal tabel REAL 10 FENSHET

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