BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal Accepts A £60m Offer From Manchester City

According to the English journal, Mirrors, Alexis Sanchez is set to leave Arsenal to Manchester City after Arsenal accepted a 60m GBP offer from Manchester City.

No news are confirmed yet, but many many news sources such as Mirrors, ArsenalfanTV,The Sun, and others have shared this news or reshared it.Alexis Sanchez is now in Chile and is expected to undergo medical tests in Chile, if everything goes according to the news.

The transfer fee will be divided into 55m GBP direct cash, and 5m GBP as addons. This shocking news come after Alex Ox Chaberlain signed for Liverpool for 40m GBP which left Arsenal’s fans in shock for losing their star, especially after Wenger promised that he won’t leave. This opens the doors for the other transfers to happen in the coming few hours.

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