Iwobi’s Goal Gets Nigeria To The World Cup

The match of Nigeria Vs Zambia has ended few minutes ago with Nigeria winning 1-0 against Zambia.


The match was going calm with neither side being able to break the silence with a goal, until Arsenal’s player, Alex Iwobi, comes off the bench in the 65th minute and changes everything.

Alex Iwobi has scored on the 74th minute, just 9 minutes after getting on the pitch, and earning Nigeria 3 valuable points to secure a place in the World Cup in Russia next year, 2018. Congrats for Alexi Iwobi and Nigeria!


Alex Iwobi is one of Arsenal’s players who qualified with their national teams alongside with Germany, England and others. While on the other hand, there countries like Chile and Colombia still didn’t qualify for the world cup and the decisive match will be on Tuesday.



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