Was It The Last Game For Alexis Sanchez In Arsenal’s Shirt? Sanchez Gives 2 Hints And Shares A Picture On Instagram

After the disastrous performance, even described by Arsene Wenger, Alexis Sanchez’s future is in a big doubt especially after Alexis Sanchez dropped two hints that he is leaving.

Sanchez always pays his heart off on the pitch and gives his best. Sanchez isn’t the type that like to be substituted even when injured.

After today’s “humiliating” defeat, Sanchez’s future is in doubt due to two reasons.


Sanchez shares a cryptic picture on Instagram


No doubt Alexis Sanchez always shares pictures on Instagram, but rarely after defeats. This picture that doesn’t have any caption, worth a thousand word. Sanchez looks frustrated in the picture.



Is Sanchez saying that he is out of words and frustrated at Arsenal? We shouldn’t exaggerated but we have to take it into consideration.


Smiling from the bench

It’s not the first time Sanchez smiles when his team is losing. Sanchez was smirking  in last Liverpool’s defeat, and Bayern’s 5-1 defeat as well.



Was he really smirking? or just “remembered” something funny? Well, we can’t judge as well. But what we can say from his expressions that Sanchez isn’t happy with Arsenal’s performance, like any other Arsenal fan. But does it mean he will leave?

Maybe this was Sanchez’s last game with Arsenal and maybe not. But according to many trusted sources, such as Mirrors and 101greatgoals, Sanchez is going to leave this week.


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