Marca Shares A Scary Picture Of Cazorla’s Leg And The Doctors Told Cazorla He Can Play Football With His Son Only. And His Last Chance To Be A Footballer

The Spanish outlet, Marca, has shared a scary and terrifying picture on its cover today of Santi Cazorla’s leg after he did eight operations, and provided a terrible news about the chances of him playing football again.


Santi Cazorla was injured since more than a year in a Champions League match against Ludogorets, and underwent several operations, and his feet is in a very bad situation according to the picture, where the doctors had to take skin from his arm in order to do the operations in his achilles, and had recently a lot of injfections in his foot, which made him lose 8cm of his leg’s tendon, and was on the edge of losing his foot.

Cazorla confessed that that the doctors told him that he may not be a proffesional footballer anymore, and the max he may be able to do is playing football with his son in the garden. Cazorla said:” The doctor told me if I return to playing in the garden with my son, I should be satisfied”

This worrying message didn’t stop Cazorla from his hard work to progress and return to Arsenal, but it may be his last chance to be able to play, or otherwise the retirement will be his only option due to injuries.


Marca’s cover where Cazorla’s feet seems terrifying.


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