Ozil,Wenger, And Ramsey Apologize. Henry “Arsenal Is Unwatchable” And Sanchez Should Leave

The consequences of the dramatic and embarrassing 4-0 loss against Liverpool and second consecitive loss for Arsenal this season in three matches. Many reactions by the players and football legends were noticed such as Ozil,Ramsey,Wenger, and Arsenal’s legend, Thierry Henry.


Mesut Ozil

After the loss, Ozil shared on his Instagram account a picture captioned: “You have the right to blame us for our performance in the match and shout at us, and criticize us. We played a bad game, and Liverpool deserved to win even though we tried to achieve a good result.”

Ozil continued: Usually I don’t follow up what is said on social media and I feel angry sometimes from the comments, but this time I have to leave for my national team and I can’t leave this match without any reply from me to what is said.

I apologize for everyone for this loss and especially for those who traveled with us to Liverpool. I am frustrated and sad like you, but we have to be strong and unite to get out of this and come back stronger.”


Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey said in reports:” I am sorry for this embarrassing performance. We apologize for Arsenal fans”.


Arsene Wenger

In a post match interview Wenger said:” If anyone thing that I am the problem, then I am sorry for what I caused. I am asking all Arsenal fans to stand with us and support us even after this disastrous performance we performed against Liverpool and the massive loss.”

Wenger continued:”The only thing that may compensate the fans for what happened, is going back stronger to compete for the league and perform better in the coming matches.”

Wenger finished by saying:”I know that the performance was disastrous from the first minute in the match, in terms of form and plan or mentality, that’s why we lost in a bad way. But after the international break, we have to prepare to be back stronger.”


Thierry Henry

Maybe Henry’s reaction was the most shocking when he said” Arsenal match was unwatchable”.

Henry continued:” at some points during the match, I wanted to leave, I couldn’t watch Arsenal embarrassing its fans and losing in such way. It’s not acceptable seeing Arsenal losing in the same way since 10 years until now. I was ashamed by this team.”

Henry finished by talking about Sanchez by saying:” Why would Sanchez stay with such players after such performance? If he leaves, I can understand him. I don’t expect to see him again in Arsenal’s shirt.”



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