Petr Cech Gets Into The Premier League History

Arsenal have had a great win against Watford FC Yesterday, Sunday, in the Premier League Matchday 30 where Arsenal were able to defeat Watford at home, Emirates Stadium, with a good result, 3-0, which is a good preparation mentally for Arsenal players ahead of their crucial and decisive match on Thursday against AC Milan in the Europa League.

The match against Watford FC had several advantages and benefits for the team and players where several Arsenal players had a good game and gave them a push ahead of the match against AC Milan.

However, one of the main points that grabbed the attention yesterday was the Czech Republic goalkeeper, Petr Cech, who has broken an all-time record in the Premier League after yesterday’s performance and match against Watford FC.

Petr Cech has officially become the first goalkeeper ever in the Premier League to reach a 200 clean sheets during his professional career in England, where Petr Cech was just 10 games away from reaching this milestone at the beginning of this season, and it took Arsenal 18 matches to have nine cleansheets, and then Arsenal conceded goals in every single match in the Premier League for 11 games to delay Petr Cech’s milestone until yesterday where he was finally able to reach his personal all time historical record with Arsenal and in the Premier League.

Petr Cech joined Arsenal back in the season 2015/2016 from the Premier League champions, Chelsea FC, back then.

Petr Cech now is the most goalkeeper in the Premier League with clean sheets where the former English goalkeeper, David James, who retired back in 2014, is the second goalkeeper with the cleanest sheets in the Premier League with 169 clean sheets, and then the goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer is in the place with 151 clean sheets.

Knowing that Petr Cech was able to break another unique record with Arsenal after saving the first penalty during his Arsenal career ever since his arrival from at the Emirates Stadium where he was one of Arsenal’s best players yesterday, and he won the match of the match as well.

Congratulations Petr Cech!




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