Petr Cech: Winning Against Tottenham Is Not Arsenal’s Priority

Petr Cech, Arsenal’s goalkeeper, has confirmed that Arsenal’s priority isn’t about winning against Tottenham Hotspurs on Saturday, or finish above them at the end of the season.


Petr Cech said in an interview with Sky Sports ahead of the big North London Derby:” We have to compete with all the teams to reach the glory. We don’t compete Tottenham only, and winning against them isn’t our priority, but winning silverware is our priority.”

Cech continued:” Two seasons ago we finished above Tottenham in the last match, but we felt down because didn’t win anything. We aim to win the league this season, and not win over Tottenham only”

Petr Cech praised Tottenham’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino, performance and how improved the team, but said silverware and the Premier League are necessary to improve.

Petr Cech said that Mauricio Pochettino’s squad, Tottenham, should win silverware to prove that they improved under the Argentinian manager.

Knowing that last season for the first time since 22 years, Tottenham finishes above Arsenal in the Premier League, where Chelsea won the Premier League, and Arsenal was fifth, for the first time since long time as well Arsenal doesn’t qualify for the Champions league, but won the FA Cup at the end of the season.


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