WITH PICTURE: Alexis Sanchez In Paris Amid Talks Of Signing With PSG

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal’s forward, has been spotted and picture in Paris just 48 hours before Crystal Palace’s match tomorrow amid the rumors and talks of signing with PSG.


Alexis Sanchez has been heavily linked with a move from Arsenal in January not to lose him for free next summer due to not renewing his contract that expires in six months, and his presence in Paris increased the rumors and doubts of the Chilean star was in negotiations with the French giant, Paris Saint-German, PSG, in order to sign with them in the coming few days.

Manchester City are the favourite to sign Alexis Sanchez, and his favorite destination as well to reunite with his former manager, Pep Guardiola, but some news suggest that Guardiola doesn’t want to ruin the atmosphere in the team now and he prefers to wait until summer because signing Alexis Sanchez could mean selling Manchester City’s start, Sergio Aguero, and that could ruin the balance in the team who is having one of their best seasons in their history, if not the best.

It is still not confirmed whether Alexis Sanchez’s visit to Paris where the Chilean forward arrived Tuesday to Paris is just for a very short leisure where Sanchez has to come back to train with Arsenal ahead of Crystal Palace’s match tomorrow, or it’s to negotiate with PSG who may take advantage and sign him in January, especially after the British outlet, Metro, reported that Alexis Sanchez’s agent was in Paris last week to negotiate with PSG.

However, nothing is officially confirmed yet, and the upcoming few days will clear everything about Alexis Sanchez’s destination or whether he will stay at Arsenal until next summer.

Here is the picture of Alexis Sanchez arriving in Paris yesterday, Tuesday.

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