PLAYERS RATINGS: Arsenal 0-1 Tottenham, And Man Of The Match.

A disappointing first half where Arsenal didn’t have any shot on target and weren’t dangerous at well while the team is over defending against Tottenham Hotspurs where both teams were fighting in the midfield.

The second half was even worse where Tottenham Hotspurs scored an early goal and they were going to score at least three more goals, but thanks to their poor and nervous finishing where they missed at least 5 clear chances, and thanks to Petr Cech as well, they didn’t score all the chances they had.

It’s the first loss for Arsenal in a London derby this season.

We will rate our players after every match, here is Arsenal Insider players ratings:

Petr Cech: Made some crucial saves such as on the 54th-minute for Kane’s shot, and Eriksen’s free kick on the 57th minute. Was sloppy a bit on the 71st minute where he lost the ball for Alli. Can’t be really blamed for the first goal. 7/10

Laurent Koscielny: Can’t be really blamed for the first goal. 5/10

Nacho Monreal: A very average match as well, wasn’t going forward a lot as if he was a hidden central back. 5/10

Shkodran Mustafi: Some sloppy moments such as the 71st minute when he passed the ball to Cech, and some good clearances and saves. A very very average match from the German defender. 5/10

Hector Bellerin: Was helping in the attack and defense as well. He clearly needs competition. 5 /10

Granit Xhaka: Too slow and wasn’t helping the team. 4/10

Jack Wilshere: Wasn’t that dangerous today. Had one dangerous attempt on the 68th minute. 5/10

Mohamed Elneny:  Was solid today. 6/10

Henrikh Mkhitaryan: We saw the Mkhitaryan of Man United where he was defending instead of attacking. Couldn’t really impress today. 5/10

Mesut Ozil: He was defending as well, we didn’t see anything from Ozil today as well. 4/10

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Can’t really blame him when Wenger is playing a very a very defensive match with attacking players on the pitch. But didn’t have any impact today. 5/10


Alex Iwobi: His position wasn’t so good, didn’t really do any impact. 4/10
Alexander Lacazette: We didn’t even notice he got on the pitch. Just saw him missing a clear chance on the 91st minute and the most dangerous chance for Arsenal in the match on the 93rd minute.  Not the same Lacazette who played for Lyon. 2/10
Danny Welbeck: No time to rate him, especially after returning from an injury. N/A
Man of the match: Arsenal players today were really poor, Petr Cech maybe was the only one who deserves a mention in Arsenal. He had some sloppy moments but saved Arsenal from at least three goals with world class saves.
Arsene Wenger: A weird tactic and formation. Over defending in an offensive squad, and substitutions on the wrong time. Wenger was able to maintain a good result, a 0-0 draw, during the first half, but that was due to Tottenham’s bad luck as well. Not a good match, especially the second half. 3/10

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