TERRIBLE News About Santi Cazorla Injury

Santi Cazorla, Arsenal’s midfielder, has handed Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s manager, and Arsenal fans a terrible news today regarding his injury and return date.


Santi Cazorla has confirmed that he underwent a new surgery in his Achilles which means his return date to play with Arsenal will be delayed. Santi Cazorla was expected to return next January, but his recent surgery could mean Santi Cazorla’s season may be over, for the second season.

Santi Cazorla said:” I have underwent a new surgery, I feel better now and my tendon is better now compared to the past few days. I wasn’t okay, and the surgery was needed in that stage. My return date will be delayed, but I will keep working hard and motivated to get back to the first team and return to my great passion, football.”

Cazorla, 32 years old, has picked up an injury with Arsenal over a year ago when he got injured in a Champions League match in October 2016, and was ruled out until now, and his new season, 2017/2018, may be over again. However, his new return date isn’t confirmed yet, but a delay is certain.


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