Two Arsenal Players Are Included In The Best 11 Premier League Xl Of The Week. And One Of The Is The Best Player Of The Week

The best 11 Xl of the Premier League match day 9 has been revealed by Whoscored, and two Arsenal players were included in the best 11 players of the week.


Arsenal had a great match against Everton where they won 5-2, and all the goals were by different players, by two main players were behind this great win.

Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil were chosen to be in the best 11 players of this week due to their incredible performance where each one scored and assisted once, and helped the team win.

Moreover, Alexis Sanchez was rated 9.5, which is higher than any other play in the squad and followed by Tottenham’s striker, Harry Kane, who was rated 9.4 after winning and scoring against Liverpool 4-1.


Arsenal will play today against Norwich City in a match that is considered easy for the gunners in the EFL Cup journey.

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