With Video: Arsenal Fans Will Love Ashley Young After What He Said To Dele Alli. He Destroyed Alli And Tottenham

In Manchester United’s 1-0 over Tottenham, Ashley Young clashed with Tottenham’s player, Dele Alli and told him some harsh words about Tottenham, which Arsenal fans will love Young for.


Ashley Young destroyed Dele Alli and Tottenham Hotspurs with what he said to him after the clash and some lips readers translated from a video that caputred Ashley Young talking to Dele Alli. Young told Alli while trying to cover his mouth: “When you win the Prem, let me know.”

Tottenham won the league only two times in the seasons of 1950/1951, and 1960/1961. While Manchester United won 20, and Arsenal won 13 Premier League titles, 6.5 times more than Tottenham.


Watch the video here from Twitter of Ashley Young destroying Dele Alli’s and Tottenham




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