Wenger: Cazorla’s Injury Is The Worst I Have Seen

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s manager, said today, Thursday, in a press conference that Santi Cazorla’s injury in his ankle is the worst injury he,Wenger, has seen in his life.


Santi Cazorla was reported suffering from Gangrene, which defected 8cm of his Achilles tendon, which is described by Arsene Wenger as the worst injury he sees in his professional career in football.

Arsene Wenger said:”The injury is the worst I have seen. It started when he felt pain in his Achilles tendon, but it got worse day by day. I am really sorry for everything he went through. I know how much he, Cazorla, loves playing football, it’s the most thing he loves”

Wenger continued:” I am hopeful that he will be able to play again with us by January, this injury shouldn’t make him retire. I left him out of the Europa League squad, but I am sure he will be back in January.”

Santi Cazorla, 32 years old, is suffering from an injury in his ankle since over a year, October 2016,  in the Champions League match against the Bulgarian club, Ludogorets ,where Arsenal won 6-0, and made Santi Cazorla undergo 8 surgeries in his ankle.


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