Why Arsenal WILL WIN The Europa League, Not Chelsea

Arsenal is having an impressive European journey this season, after beating several European giants and reaching the semi-finals of the European competitions, Europa League.

The main two title contenders are Arsenal FC, and their Premier League and London neighbor, Chelsea FC, where both clubs are the favorites according to some pundits and sources, but it seems that Arsenal will be the title holder of the European competition this season.
Arsenal’s journey this season in the Europa League is promising for Arsenal fans, where they could be the favorites to win the match against CF Valencia in the semi-final, and then win the Europa League final with odds 3/1.

Arsenal were able to beat FC Napoli at home, Emirates Stadium with a 2-0 great home win, and away from home at the Stadio San Paolo, 1-0, where they were able to keep a clean sheet against a tough team that joined the Europa League from the Champions League, and didn’t let Liverpool FC and PSG win against them at home. While on the other hand, Chelsea conceded three goals against Slavia Praha at home, Stamford Bridge, in a shocking come back and struggled to win away from home 1-0 in the last minutes through a late goal by Marcos Alonso.

Arsenal has another advantage, where their manager, Unai Emery, is an experienced man in the Europa League after winning it back to back with the Spanish La Liga side, FC Sevilla, and being one of the historical managers in this European competition.

Chelsea’s main key advantage over Arsenal, Eden Hazard, may not be capable of winning the trophy alone for his team, amid the shaky performance by the rest of the squad and the issues between the players and the club where sometimes he is reportedly not very focused on Chelsea, and eyeing a move to the Spanish La Liga giants, Real Madrid, in the coming few weeks.

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