You Won’t Believe Chamberlain Contract Clause That Prevented Him From Starting With Arsenal Many Times

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Arsenal’s former player, joined the gunners back in 2011 from Southampton, and was on the bench for long and was used as a sub. There are several reasons for sure, but one of the reason’s is unbelievable.

Arsenal has bought Alex Oxlade Chamberlain from Southampton for 12m GBP when he was only 17 years old, and in Chamberlain’s contract, there was a clause that obliges Arsenal to pay 10,000 GBP for every match Alex Oxlade Chamberlain plays for 20 minutes or more, which was the reason why Arsene Wenger subbing him on on the 72nd minutes.

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has played 136 Premier League matches with Arsenal, 64 matches Alex Oxlade Chamberlain played as a sub and mostly for less than 20 minutes, which means Arsenal saved in that case a fee of 640,000 GBP that was going to pay it for Southampton if Chamberlain started these matches.

For a big club such as Arsenal, such amount should be negligible, but under Arsene Wenger and Kronke, recently, Arsenal turned into a brand that only cares about earning money without caring about winning any trophies or a real competition for the Premier League for long.


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